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White Ribbon Alliance (WRA) Zimbabwe believes that health is a human right and that all women and girls must access their right to health and wellbeing.

White Ribbon Alliance Zimbabwe is a locally registered and led, globally-connected, grassroots movement for the health and rights of women and girls. WRA Zimbabwe is affiliated with the global White Ribbon Alliance – a vast network of tens of thousands of advocates worldwide.

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White Ribbon Alliance Zimbabwe subscribes to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a universal, global approach to promote sustainable development and ensure the peace and prosperity of people across the world. WRA Zimbabwe situates its core interventions to contribute directly to Goal 3 and 5 while also contributing to related goals that advance the rights and well being of women and girls. WRA Zimbabwe does this by advocating for the needs and demands of women and girls, recognizing that women and girls know best the circumstances of their lives and what they need to improve them. At WRA Zimbabwe, our approach is simple:



  • Ask women and girls what they want.

  • Listen to their concerns and ideas for change.

  • Act on what they say and advocate for others to do the same

    We catalyse change by connecting women and girls to decision-makers, leveraging the media, champions, and digital technology to reach women and girls in all localities in Zimbabwe.

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WRA Zimbabwe also leverages partnerships to accelerate progress. WRA Zimbabwe partners with a vast and diverse number of organisations locally to improve health outcomes for women and girls. WRA Zimbabwe works with partners providing resources and leverages her global network to alleviate local voices and action to drive change for women and girls globally.

Registered as a Trust in 2012, WRA Zimbabwe works with women and girls, identifying the barriers to quality health services and ensuring that their voices influence program and policy designs.

Our Mission: To Activate a people-led movement for reproductive, maternal, newborn, child, adolescent health and rights

Our Vision: All girls and women realize their right to quality health and well being


Core values


WRA Zimbabwe upholds the core values that define the Alliance and underpin our work.


These include:

Passion: WRA Zimbabwe is a people led movement driven by passion and commitment to our issues, approach and values.


Integrity: All members of WRA Zimbabwe hold themselves and each other accountable for excellency in our work and respect and honesty in our relationships. WRA Zimbabwe demands the highest ethical standards from our staff and volunteers including in delivering on our fiscal responsibilities.


Volunteerism: WRA Zimbabwe work is driven by a wide and diverse group of volunteer members who are committed to improving the lives of citizens and promoting citizens' rights at various levels across the country.


Perseverance: To achieve our vision means challenging the status core, thus, WRA Zimbabwe is creative, politically savvy and tenacious in pushing for change.


Equality: WRA Zimbabwe believes in the equal value of every human being and the universal rights of all people.

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